Welcome to Ashenvale 2022/2023

We are a mostly Spanish-speaking Lineage 2 community

Hi guys, I'm going to explain the next projects we have in mind.

Currently we are going to continue with the Classic 2.9.5 chronicle with auto farm, customized by our staff.
The first project that comes at the request of the public (it was not in our plans), is a Classic Turbo project, basically it is a mid rates server, with several facilities, such as buff in the community, potions of improved mp, much cheaper in all sense. The idea is that 90% of things are faster to achieve than our typical low servers. Of course, some things we need to not be so simple for the simple fact of giving meaning to the server, but would be to enter and have everything!. This is a new item that we are facing, we need to accommodate the balance of the server, generally see what we put what we take what we change so that the project really differs from the low server so do not expect a gameplay that you are always used to, this will be different. We are learning, we are improving, we are reading your opinions, it is our first time in a midfielder, we have faith in each other but be patient. It's a server to warm up to test things to implement on low servers and improve some errors in our files, please relax.
Well, possibly the most requested and expected server will be RED in its second version, by then we will have extremely polished files, excellent gameplay and everything very well thought out so that you can compete among yourselves in a healthy way (they're going to kill each other toxiquing but I try to be correct). They know that their rates will be relatively low, you have to farm, you have to shake and you have to win to have 100% competitive characters on this server. Hopefully it turns out as we all want, many sides and a lot of excitement in Summer 2023, those who missed Yellow are all waiting for this and those who played Yellow know they can't miss it if you like L2.
Blue in its second version, historically in Ashenvale since I was in the project (Jorah) in the April / May season we always launched the servers that were the most fun, lasted the longest and had the most logins. Possibly this is the best project of all and the best time to play L2 in Ashenvale at least, I can guarantee that 100% and the frequent ones are not going to let me lie with what I'm saying.
Purple in its second version, you already know that this project is for those who like to enjoy their Red v2 and Blue v2 characters for a while longer, a server with accelerated rates, all kinds of facilities, possibly much better than the first Since this is directly boosted by the Classic Turbo version, many things can be used here. It is not characterized by a high login, Olys are played, some epics are fought and bugs are killed. It is a fusion of Red v2 and Blue v2, where they will have a few months of their characters before moving on to a new stage.
Classic Turbo in its second version comes to greatly improve the first version that is about to come out in a few days and quite possibly to start a migration to a new version of Classic, perhaps 3.0 or 3.5, we will be seeing what possibilities we have. Of something I am sure that when migrating we will remove the Kamael and we will deactivate some things to go activating with the passing of time the most fun and the best things of the new version. Here the last auto farm would appear and a lot of new material. It will continue to be a MID server which is a transition to fix bugs in the new version and have a new batch of low servers without so many errors at the beginning, you have to purge the new files.
Well, it doesn't make sense to go much further in time, this is the 2022 and 2023 season that we have planned, it may undergo some modifications but broadly speaking we are going to work on this. I hope you join us and choose the best and largest Latin community today.